Three foreign companies interested in car battery factory from Sombor

Fabrika Akumulatora Sombor (FAS) in bankruptcy, which operates as part of the Farmakom MB Sabac concern, is looking for a buyer for the third time.

As eKapija learns, three investors, from the US, Switzerland and Canada,  have already bought the sales documentation, and are interested in the purchase.

The bankruptcy supervisor of the Sombor car battery factory has advertised the sale of the property of the bankruptcy debtor, including the facilities and equipment of the Trgosirovina division, office space, two two-room apartments in Sombor, two farms and 88 vehicles.

– We have adapted the offer to fit the requirements of interested companies and we have advertised the sale of the company as a legal entity and the sale of a part of the property separately in line with this. There are already companies interested in both the company’s assets and the company as a legal entity. Batagon from Switzerland, Exida from the USA and a Canadian company have already bought the sales documentation – says Predrag Ljubovic, the bankruptcy supervisor, for eKapija.

Exida has been interested in the Sombor factory before, but, as Ljubovic says, the sale was not realized as they had failed to meet all the requirements. He is optimistic that the Sombor factory will get a new owner this time.

– I don’t believe we will have to advertise the sale of the factory anymore and that we will complete the procedure this time around – Ljubovic says.

As stated in the documentation, FAS has been evaluated at EUR 24,569,775.00, and the final decision on the selection of the best bidder will be reached by the bankruptcy supervisor or the Board of Creditors if the offer is lower than 50% of the estimated value.

To remind, FAS was acquired by Farmakom MB in 2006, and that it had operated successfully until 2011, when it exported 10,000 car batteries and employed 820. The downfall happened in 2012.

The factory was leased twice, and the last lessee, DEM Helos, had the factory operating at around 30% of its capacity and with a hundred workers. As Ljubovic confirmed for eKapija, no one has worked in the Sombor factory halls for over six months now.

The union has already pointed out that leasing only prolongs the company’s agony and that the factory needs to be sold at a public auction to a partner capable of fully utilizing the capacities.

(eKapija, 28.06.2017)

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