Three decisions that prove that Vučić has already started election campaign

The Serbian Progressive Party rallies across the country, Vučić’s announcement of his plans to establish a nationwide movement, the Serbian Army parade scheduled for April and but also the heightened activity of the opposition parties all point to the SNS party actively starting election campaigning.

As before, it’s all in one man’s hands to decide whether there will be a snap election or not, but the signals that the election campaign is imminent are becoming increasingly visible.

A few weeks ago, the President of Serbia and the leader of the SNS, Aleksandar Vučić, announced the establishment of the People’s Movement for the State, which should include some other political parties besides the SNS, as well as prominent public and non-party figures.

Analysts assessed this as a rebranding of the party because SNS is not in “good repute”, and Vučić is now trying to capture new support in the face of major external and internal challenges. The key challenges here are certainly relations with Kosovo and the imposition of sanctions against Russia, which Vučić often talks about.

There is organized transport to the SNS rallies, as well as indirect threats made against those who do not wish to attend them. The first two rally stops were Vranje and Sombor, with the tour across the country continuing.

Another incident that points towards the 2024 election was the conflict between SNS and SPS (the Socialist Party of Serbia) at the beginning of the year, where Vučić indirectly said there might be new elections, after which it would be crystal clear who was willing cooperate and who not.

Although SNS and SPS subsequently, at least publicly, smoothed over their damaged relations, elections remained an option.

Most of political analysts agree that the government is not sitting idly by, but is actively preparing for the elections, which could be held late this year. On the other hand, some of them have no doubt that part of the opposition is also at a low start for the elections. The Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) have been holding forums across Serbia, as do some left-green options.

Political analyst Cvijetin Milivojević says that there are indications that some of the parties have already, in some way, embarked on the pre-election campaign, specifically referring to SNS and SSP.

“I noticed that the SNS, through the activities of President Vučić, and the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) have already started the election campaign somehow. This could mean that the implementation of the agreement that was reached at the beginning of April last year, when Đilas and Vučić discussed the possibility of holding early elections, has entered into force. Some people from SNS, as well as Vučić, said that it early elections in Belgrade could be possible this year,” he says.

“Vučić announced that his party assembly meeting will finally be held on May 27, three years late. He is doing this so that he could promote himself as the leader of the movement, which will not be registered as a party. Serious political parties usually hold such assembly meetings in the year before the elections. It is only logical to deduce that the SNS assembly meeting will, be held in late May and the elections by the end of the year”, concludes Milivojević.

Political scientist Mladen Mrdalj also believes that SNS is preparing for elections and that the only question is whether they will be held this or next year.

“Rallies, public forums, speeches and mobilizing and transporting voters across the country are already common methods of political action, but in this context, I have to mention three new developments. The aim here is to change the visual identity and slogan of Vučić’s party, the second is to get different political parties to cooperate under the auspices of the new movement, and the third is that now it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between the party line-up, members of Vučić’s movement, the army and voters”, underlines Mrdalj.

(, 28.03.2023)

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