Thousands of citizens damaged due to the unprofessional behaviour of some notaries public

The State Geodetic Authority (RGZ) warned that some notaries public have harmed more than 50,000 citizens due to exercising unprofessional behaviour that led to the suspension of some requests for registration in the land registry.

The RGZ announced that, due to the irregularity of the submitted requests it had to suspend as many as 23,924 requests received in the land registry from notaries.

Notaries, according to the Law on the Procedure for Registration in the Land Registry, are authorized to submit the requests on behalf of the citizens online.

“Some of notary’s offices have excellent results and don’t even have a single rejected application. Unfortunately, there are notaries whose percentage of rejected cases exceeds 10, and in some cases, it reaches up to 17% “, the RGZ adds.

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RGZ appeals to citizens to verify the quality of the work carried out by the notaries responsible for the area they live in and to choose the notary public that has a proven track record.

In case of suspension of the application for registration in the land registry, citizens must submit a complaint to the Chamber of Notaries explaining their negligent behaviour.

In order to improve the quality of the notaries’ work, the RGZ has sent complaints to the Ministry of Justice and the Chamber of Notaries, which is obliged to initiate proceedings against those notaries who operate in conflict with the laws and regulations.

(, 08.10.2020)

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