This profession pays the most in Serbia

Employees in the air transport sector had the highest average wage in October. The highest salary, according to the place of residence, was reported in the Belgrade municipality of Vračar.

The average net salary in Serbia amounted to RSD 55,065 in October, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia announced. Compared to the same month last year, average earnings for October were nominally 10.3 per cent higher.

The average salary of employees in the air transport sector in October this year stood at 181,381 dinars net, according to the Statistics Office.

Workers in the oil and gas sector received an average of 140,000 dinars a month, which is 4,000 dinars less than miners.

Developers and consultants in the IT sector received on average about 126,000 dinars.

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They are followed by financial and insurance workers, as well as those who work in the electricity, gas and steam supply, coke and petroleum products production, scientific research and development and the tobacco industry.

The lowest salaries were paid out to the workers in the food and beverage sector – 32,223 dinars net.

Vračar has the highest salaries, Vlasotince the lowest

In terms of average wages per cities and municipalities, the highest salaries were paid residents of the Belgrade municipality of Vračar.

Their average salaries in October were just over 90,000 dinars, while the average for the entire Belgrade area amounting to 67,714 dinars.

Wages in Vojvodina averaged 52,512 dinars in October, with the highest average salary in Novi Sad amounting to 60,729 dinars.

In Sumadija and Western Serbia, as well as the region of Southern and Eastern Serbia, the average salary was about 48,000 dinars.

The lowest average salary in Serbia was paid out in Vlasotince – 37,737 dinars.

(Kurir, 26.12.2019)

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