This is the Best Serbian Town to Live in and Here’s Why

Although renting a flat and utilities are the most expensive in Belgrade, the average salary in the capital city is the highest in the country and you need 1.2 salaries to cover the costs of the average consumer basket, unlike in the rest of Serbia.

When we add to this a better job offer and better choice of education, it comes as no surprise why many people want to move to Belgrade. Month-on-month, the relevant statistical data has been showing the same thing – the highest salaries are in Belgrade’s municipalities of Surčin, Vračar and Stari Grad.

The further south you go, more depressing it gets. Actually, anywhere but in Belgrade is depressing. To illustrate this, all you need to calculate is how many average salaries are needed to cover the consumer basket. However, certain prices in Belgrade, like utilities, are much higher than in the rest of the country.

The biggest advantage of living in the capital city is that it has the lowest unemployment rate compared to other regions. At the same time, and judging by what employment websites say, the biggest selection of jobs is also in the capital city.

Demography expert Vladimir Nikitović says that the number of citizens has been growing only in Belgrade and Novi Sad, and adds that that is a result of „economic collapse“ in other parts of the country.

 „Towns that used to be appealing to rural population during industrialisation are now empty. After the industry collapsed, people started to gravitate towards bigger cities in search for a job. Economic collapse has resulted in the lower quality of life in these places“, Nikitović explains.

The quality of life is higher in Belgrade also because of a variety of cultural and entertainment events. Čačak doesn’t have a single cinema while Belgrade has 18. Big sports and music events are still mostly held in the capital city, and occasionally in Novi Sad, Kraljevo, Kragujevac and Niš.

Economy expert Vladana Hamović with the statistical data which shows that life in Belgrade is much better, but also reminds that the prices of certain things in Belgrade are much higher.

„The produce sold in Belgrade’s outdoor markets is much more expensive than in other Serbian towns. Also, transportation, renting and having a drink at a cafe are much costlier“, she adds.

 (BLIC, 01.02.2016)

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