Third protest in Belgrade – 35,000 people show up

The third consecutive citizens’ protest against violence, called “One in Five Million” took place on Saturday night in front of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, with more than 35,000 people participating in it, according to the organizers’ estimates.

The protesters carried banners stating slogans like “It has started!” and “Until everyone is free, no-one is”, and yellow waistcoats with the inscription “1 in 5 million”. There were also banners stating “Orban, you have to understand, we are not giving up”, carried by the Local Front organization, as well as the banners with the message “SNS, you have to understand, we are not giving up on #Marinika”.

The protesters headed towards the Government of Serbia, and according to the organizers’ assessment between 35,000 and 40,000 people showed up on Saturday.

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There was also a small counter-protest held by the group of right-wingers who carried the symbols of Orthodoxy and banners referring to defending Kosovo who gathered to provoke the protesters.

A civil protest against the violence, under the slogan “Stop the Bloody Shirts”, was previously interrupted by a group of nationalists who put up banners in the middle of Svetogorska Street voicing their disagreement with the partition of Kosovo, but they disappeared as soon as the protesters showed up.

Prior to the protest, the gathered people gave a minute of silence in commemoration of the victims of the terrible accident when a train hit a bus outside Nis on Friday morning.

Journalists Milan Jovanovic from Grocka addressed the protesters. Because he wrote extensively about corruption in Serbia, Jovanovic’s house was burnt to the ground by unknown perpetrators.

“We have never had it worse and we are not saying anything about how bad we have it. People are silent because it is dangerous to speak up today. I did, and I nearly lost my life”, Jovanovic said.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that he had no problem with the protests in Belgrade and that he always became stronger after demonstrations against him and the Serbian Progressive Party of Serbia (SNS).

(Danas, 22.12.2018)






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