Third line of Belgrade subway will connect Vozdovac to Novi Beograd via city centre

The final route of the first two subway lines has been determined, whereas the works are to begin in late 2020. Also, a third line is planned, which will connect Vozdovac, the new bus station in Block 42 and the railway station Novi Beograd via Prokop, Slavija and the Republic Square, announced Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic.

He pointed out that local architects would design all the stops, modelled after the subway systems in European capitals.

The first line will be entirely underground, except for a section in Makisko Polje, where the depot will be located as well. The second line will partially run over a viaduct in Novi Beograd and Zemun.

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The first two lines will cross each other at Sava Square, that is, in the location of the former main railway station. During this stage, the subway system will not include Prokop, but passengers will be able to use BG Voz and catch the subway one stop away, in Mostarska Petlja.

“Passengers who arrive at the new bus station in Block 42 will also be able to get to the subway with the help of BG Voz, but only after the third line is built,” Vesic told the Vecernje Novosti daily.

He added that the designing of the third line would begin at the same time as the construction of the first two.

According to him, the Chinese company will be in charge of building all the stops, whereas their development will be subject to a special competition.

“We want to give local architects an opportunity to leave a permanent mark in developing the city and to design the stations so that each one represents a part of the history of Serbia and Belgrade,” Vesic added.

The subway system will be fully integrated with other forms of urban, suburban and intercity transport, as well as BG Voz.

(eKapija, 10.06.2019)



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