These companies are largest debtors in Serbia

The National Bank of Serbia has published a list of the 100 companies which bank account has been frozen for the longest as of the end of 2021, and whose total indebtedness amounted to 83 billion dinars (about 705 million euros) as of 31 December last year.

First on the list is the Ladinvest Company from Belgrade, which owes 3.6 billion dinars (about 30 million euros), and has been illiquid for 2,795 days. On the other hand, the company Reks Komerc from Niš has been illiquid for record 18 years or 6,616 days and owes 375 million dinars.

Among public companies, Public Utility Company Resavica has had its bank account frozen for 3,260 days, and this underground coal exploitation company owes 1.2 billion dinars. Beli Izvor from Vrnjačka Banja owes approximately 450 million dinars (the number of illiquid days is 1,697). Also on the list is the state company Železnice Srbije (Railways of Serbia), which has been illiquid 2,217 days and owes 889 million dinars.

Several companies on the list, such as Agencija za Krizni Menadžment from Novi Sad, have had their account frozen for over 10 years. The Novi Sad-based company owes  3.2 billion dinars in total.

The bank account of the Šumadija-Dedinje Company from Belgrade has been frozen for 4,624 days while Luka Beograd (The Port of Belgrade) owes 2.4 billion dinars and has been illiquid for the past 576 days.

(Nova Ekonomija, 10.01.2022)




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