These are the winners of Beta’s Photograph of the Year competition

Beta news agency declared yesterday the winners of its Photograph of the Year competition at Dorćol Platz in Belgrade at which a total of 40 photographs were exhibited.

The jury awarded the first prize to Blic’s photojournalist Mitar Mitrović for the photo ‘Sudar’ (The Collision).

Mitar Mitrovic – “Sudar” (BETAPHOTO/Mitar Mitrovic)

Slovenian photojournalist Luka Daksklober won the second prize for his photo ‘Prkos’ (Spite).

The third prize went to freelance photojournalist Vladimir Živojinović for the photo ‘Žene posle završenog posla u polju’ (“Women after Working in the Field).

The people’s choice award went to freelance photojournalist Andrej Nihil for his photo ‘Bivoli iz Perleza’ (Buffalo from Perlez), which received 1,997 votes on social networks.

Last year, Beta also introduced a thematic award for the best photo on the topic of inclusion of vulnerable groups, and the award is named after the recently deceased Belgrade actor, Damjan Diklić.

This year, this award went to the Montenegrin photojournalist Goran Boričić from RTCG, for his photo ‘Ipak se Okreće’ (And Yet it Moves).

(Nova, 30.09.2022)

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