These are the best Serbian wines in 2020

According to the renowned website,, the best red wine in Serbia this year was Cabernet SauvigReserve 2017 from the Radovanović Winery in Šumadija, while the best white wine was Chardonnay Ci 2016, from the small winery Cicahteau, located in Šišatovac, a  village in Srem, district, which was also declared the best small winery in Serbia.

The wine that received the most votes was Princeps Probus 2016 from Fruška Gora winery Deurić, which was also rated the best young winery, while in the category of Tamjanik white wines Tri Morave Rezerva Belo 2017 from the Temet winery in Lozovik excellent. At the same time, Temet was declared the best winery in Serbia for the second consecutive time.

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Wine experts, oenologists, sommeliers and wine merchants chose the winners in 23 categories, including the best organic red wine Prokupac 2017 Kostić and white wine Valerius 2017.

Dr. Slavica Todić, head of the Department of Viticulture at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zemun, was declared the wine person of the year, while the Wine Garden, an event held each September in the Botanical Garden, was declared the best annual wine event.

A complete list of the best wines in all categories, including wines with the best value for money, is available on .

(RTV, 26.12.2020)



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