There are no problems with Serbian digital green certificate

A number of Serbian tourists in Greece have had problems with the QR codes on their digital green certificates (a document that confirms that the certificate holder has been vaccinated against the coronavirus or has recovered from it).

However, Serbian authorities say that the certificates do not have any technical deficiencies, but the problem lies with the European application, which cannot even read the codes of EU Member States, let alone those countries that are not members.

After some Serbian citizens who are vacationing in Greece complained to the national media that they had problems getting their QR code on the green digital certificate read and that some were stopped by the Greek police when boarding ferries because their QR code could not be uploaded properly, the representatives of eUprava say that there is no technical problem with reading the code and that the problem lies in the devices provided by the EU.

“The problem arose in the EU when the QR code reading application was created. Not all EU members have standardised the code yet, and it is very likely that there have been communication problems,” says Dragana Bečić of E-Uprava, adding that Serbia and Greece have signed a bilateral agreement on mutual recognition of certificates. The Greeks are given clear instructions on how to scan the QR code on the Serbian digital green certificate should be read, with a phone or tablet camera.

(Nova, 20.07.2021)



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