The value of Serbia’s IT sector could reach EUR 600 million in 2020

The value of Serbia’s IT sector could reach 600 million euro in 2020, Milos Cvetanovic, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication, said on Tuesday, adding the annual IT market growth was seven per cent.

He added he expected the 2025 market value of the Serbian IT sector to be a billion euro.

“The export of software also rose and in 2019, it was worth 1.29 billion euro with the annual growth rate of some 30 per cent in the last several years,” Cvetanovic said.

In order to illustrate how committed the government is to further develop this sector, Cvetanovic pointed out that the government investments in that sector amounted to more than 30% of total investments.

“Last year, about 2,400 companies were registered in the IT sector, of which 1,483 were software companies, and about 20,000 people were employed in that sector. Of that number, more than 60% is in software companies, which generate about 60% of total income,” he said.

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He also pointed out that almost all companies in Serbia use the Internet, with about 98% having a broadband Internet connection, 85% of companies have a website, but only 27% of companies provide services online and 18% of companies use the cloud service.

“We will work more aggressively on the digital integration of corporate entities,” said Cvetanović.

He added that the development of e-commerce, which has increased this year, will still be encouraged, and that some forms of e-commerce have recorded a 50% jump, while some have already tripled the volume of their services.

(Danas, 24.11.2020)


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