The US to annul its investments in Kosovo if tax on Serbian goods is not revoked

The United States has decided to cancel all major investment projects in Kosovo until the Government of Kosovo decides to revoke the tax on Serbian goods.

US Ambassador to Berlin Richard Grenell, who is also President Trump’s Special Envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, today has reportedly had a stern and clear communication with Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti and the Speaker of the Assembly, Vjosa Osmani, whom he has made it clear that the US is ready to invest millions in Kosovo if the tax is abolished.

“However, the US will cancel all of these projects until the government removes taxes and gives up plans for reciprocity,” the source said.

This is also made clear in a post by Ambassador Grenell on his Twitter profile, which says that there can be no US investment without tax abolition.

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“The tax should be abolished in order for the investments to work. It’s essential, ”Grenell tweeted.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary group of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo party of the former Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, has announced the possibility of protests if the Pristina government abolishes taxes.

“We are determined to use all methods, protests and other actions,” said coalition MP Palj Ljekaj to the Pristina Gazette.

According to Ljekaj, it would be a big mistake for Pristina to abolish the measure and allow the passage of Serbian goods through Kosovo, “while certain people are sitting at the diplomacy table thinking about the principle of reciprocity.”

(RTS, 11.02.2020)

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