The University Senate annuls the doctorate of Siniša Mali

The University of Belgrade Senate has unanimously decided to annul the title of Doctor of Science to the Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali, obtained at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences (FON).

The Senate decided, also unanimously, to allow for the process of ascertaining whether Sinisa Mali’s doctorate was largely plagiarism to be carried out again. By making this decision, the Senate also simultaneously annulled the previous decision of the Professional Ethics Committee in December 2019, according to FoNet news agency.

On 12 December 2019, the Senate rejected Siniša Mali’s doctoral degree, but this decision had then been annulled by the Administrative Court on procedural grounds. After Minister Mali filed a lawsuit, the administrative court annulled the Senate’s decision and sent it back for a review.

The Dean of the University of Belgrade, Vladan Đokić, said that the university, without a court decision, would no longer deal with the issue of the Finance Minister’s doctorate. “We don’t want to deal with it anymore. And we will only deal with it if we are forced to by a court ruling,” Đokić told reporters after the Council session.

Đokić also said there is a possibility that Siniša Mali will appeal today’s decision at the administrative court. The Belgrade University Senate is the highest university body. It has 46 members – the Dean, four Vice-Deans, 31 faculty Deans, four chairmen, the president of the Institute Council and five directors of scientific institutes. The decision to annul the doctorate required 24 votes of the Council members.

(Voice of America, 22.12.2021)

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