The “Troika” wants to impose and expedite the solution for Kosovo

France, Germany and the Netherlands want to be engaged in the dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija as “assistants” of Federica Mogherini, in order to impose their solutions and complete the process by the end of the year, the Vecernje Novosti daily learns from diplomatic sources.

This shift, according to our sources, happened right before the final stage of the talks between Belgrade and Pristina. Two blocs countries of countries have been formed in the EU in regard to the Kosovo issue – those dissatisfied with the process slowing down, which includes the aforementioned “troika”, and a group of states led by Spain that do not recognize Kosovo, which want to be more closely involved in the upcoming negotiations, and to be consulted during the process.

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Namely, the most powerful EU members expect that some kind of agreement between Belgrade and Pristina under the auspices of the EU should be made by the end of the year, so there is still relatively little time to do so.

In this context, the leading countries are demanding that Belgrade and Pristina “should be pressed” by underlining what they stand to get if they do which was stated in the conclusions from the Sofia summit, namely closer ties with the EU, which include infrastructure and other projects.

Countries that have not recognized the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo also believe that the solution should be found soon, but some of them have objections that the dialogue process actually takes place far from their eyes, despite physically taking place in Brussels.

Speaking about their role in the crucial phase of the talks, Peter Susko, a spokesman for the Slovak Foreign Ministry, told Novosti that EU member states support the efforts of Federica Mogherini on reaching an agreement on key issues and moving forward.

“The dialogue on normalization of relations is a process in which the European Union and the High Representative are mediators between Belgrade and Pristina. Of course, we all expect that this dialogue will bring tangible results as soon as possible, which will enable progress on the European path for both sides and their citizens”, underlined Susko.

Maja Kocijancic: Regular reports

Mogherini’s spokeswoman, Maja Kocijancic comments on how well-acquainted are the member countries with the content of the dialogue in which Mogherini mediates:

“Member States are regularly informed about the dialogue, personally, at the Foreign Affairs Council, as well as by their teams in the various working groups of the European Council.”

(Vecernje Novosti, 07.06.2018)

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