The Times’ scathing review of the film ‘The Balkan Line’

The renowned British daily, The Times has published a scathing review of the film ‘The Balkan Line’ (in Serbian, “Balkanska Medja”) in which it says that the film is undermining the peace in the region with its pro-Russian propaganda.

The article says that “in pursuit of Russia’s brutal foreign policy, Vladimir Putin’s regime deploys what is euphemistically termed soft power but more accurately described as fraudulent propaganda. That method is now extended to a region of Europe that has known appalling suffering within the past generation. It is vital that western democracies fight back against fakery.”

“The film depicts Kosovo, a region inhabited by ethnic Serbs and Albanians, descending into anarchy as the NATO campaign starts. A Kosovo-Albanian warlord snatches control of the airbase and it is only Russian intervention that restores peace to the region. “Everything is against our heroes but the joint forces of the Russians and Serbs can do this incredible endeavour,” reads the blurb”, the Times wrote.

The daily goes on to say that “The Balkan Line” is an action blockbuster set in wartime Kosovo that has topped the box office in Serbia and Russia, adding that the viewers expecting an accurate depiction of historical events will come away disappointed.

“The Balkan Line” is a fictionalized account of a June 1999 standoff between a small contingent of Russian forces and their counterparts at the Slatina air base at Pristina Airport in Kosovo.

(Politika, The Times, 04.04.2019)


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