Three possible scenarios for Serbian nationals who want to enter the EU

Serbian citizens who want to travel to the European Union will have two or three possibilities to obtain a so-called COVID passport.

The first possible scenario is that, when they arrive in one of the EU countries, the authorities will ask for their data to be entered into the European system, thus receiving the digital green certificate, reports Nikola Radisic. If a Serbian citizen produces a negative PCR test or is vaccinated, this information will be entered into the COVID passport after which the citizens of Serbia would be equal to EU citizens, as far as travel is concerned.

Another possibility is for Serbia to create its own COVID passports, which would be compatible with the EU’s. The EU has said that it will accept that type of passport and include it in its system.

The third option is a global COVID passport, but this initiative cannot be implemented quickly, although Europe is moving in that direction.

The European Commission (EC) yesterday proposed the introduction of a digital green certificate for travelling inside the EU borders, known as COVID passport.

The passport covers only EU-approved vaccines, and so far, these are the vaccines produced by Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Jansen (Johnson and Johnson), while the manufacturer of Novavax, Sinovac and Sputnik V vaccines have also submitted their request for approval.

According to the EC proposal, member states will be able to accept other vaccines on their territory, in addition to those approved by the European Medicines Agency.

In order to avoid discrimination, and in addition to information about whether or not a person has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, the passport will contain information about whether they have acquired immunity after a previous coronavirus infection or have produced a negative PCR test upon entering the EU.

The European Commission’s proposal is now expected to be adopted by EU member states, and then by the European Parliament.

(N1, 17.03.2021)

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