The third subway line will connect Novi Beograd to Banjica

Following the meeting of the working group in charge of the construction of the Belgrade subway, the solutions and the conceptual design of the third subway line, which should connect New Belgrade and Banjica, were discussed.

According to the announcements made by the deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, the line will have 21 stations, and a ride between the first and the last station should take 34 minutes.

“The third line of the Belgrade subway will connect Novi Beograd and Banjica. The line will have 21 stations: Surcinska Street, Block 61, Gandijeva Street, IMT, Block 42, Arena, Usce, the Port (Pristaniste), Republic Square, National Assembly, Manjez, Visegradska Street, Prokop, Autokomanda, Vitanovacka Street, Stadion Shopping Center, Brace Jerkovic and Stepa Stepanovic neighbourhoods, Trosarina, Banjica and the trolley terminal at Paunov Breg,” said Vesic, as reported by Beoinfo.

Vesic reminded that the routes of the first two lines of the subway are already known and that the design of the third line was being prepared.

“The third line will cross the first one at Republic Square and the second one at the Manjez Park,”

He added that the possibility of connecting the second and the third line in Zemun had been considered.

“The section would be several kilometres long and the proposition was sent for consideration to the company that designs it – Egis. According to that proposition, the third line would begin where the second one ends. We already have this in Mirijevo, where the first and the second line end. Such a solution would make the system more functional,” Vesic said.

Vesic reminded that the contest for the preliminary architectural design of the first 17 stations of the Belgrade Subway would open in May.

(Blic, 25.02.2021)



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