The Great Cheeses of Sardinia Since 1927 event held in Novi Sad yesterday

The event “Grandi Formaggi Sardi Dal 1927” (“Great cheeses of Sardinia since 1927”) took place yesterday at the KORPA Deli Market & Bistro restaurant in Novi Sad.

The event was organized under the auspices of the European Union, the Republic of Italy, the Sardinia region and POR FESR Sardegna (Regional Operational Programs financed by the European Fund for the Regional Development of Sardinia).

The guests had the opportunity to taste five types of Mannoni pecorino cheeses which are not available in the Serbian market, starting from the youngest to the oldest ones. The menu also included homemade pasta from Sardinia with Mannoni pecorino and pepper, as well as cannoli with sweet ricotta cheese and tiramisu.

As such, the Mannoni family from Thiesi, who has been a staple in the Sardinian dairy industry since 1920, is one of the greatest producers of pecorino in the whole of Italy, therefore, a little-known fact is that “pecorino romano” comes also from Sardinia.

“Together with my cousin Giuseppe, I’m the 5th generation of the Mannoni family in this business. Although we do things manually, we have managed to adapt and respond to new market challenges,” said Andrea Cossu from Mannoni.

Branislav Mamić from the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina expressed his gratitude towards the Mannoni family and their products and added that the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina was always willing to open new markets and business contacts.

 The former Minister of Agriculture of Sardinia and managing director of Albatros SrL Andrea Prato who together with Mr Giovanmarco Scipione organized the event, underlined that based on the studies which Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and its Sardinian counterpart did together, “there is plenty of space for integration and intertwining of Serbian and Sardinian realities”.


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