The story of Shodruh, an Uzbek courier in Belgrade

Uzbek Shodruh Kodirov spoke to Nova about his experience of living in Belgrade, where he has been working as a courier for the Glovo Company since June. He shared his views of the Serbian capital, his impressions, what annoys him the most and how he spends his free time.

“I come from a country that your people are familiar with – Uzbekistan. I grew up in the city of Fergana. A few months ago I had the opportunity to come to a European country, which has been my wish for a long time, and the choice fell on Serbia. The moment the opportunity presented itself, I wanted to take advantage of it and decided to come here. I saw a job advertisement on the Internet because I had been looking for a job opportunity in a European country for months. That is how I found myself in Serbia with about 20 other people, and we are here now as a family,” Shodruh begins his story.

He adds that he really likes the people in Serbia, but also the clean air, which is a bit surprising. “I came here from Dubai and if I can make a comparison, the nature here is more beautiful and the people are different. Also, the big advantage of Belgrade is that it has a lot of trees so the air is cleaner. There are many national parks in Serbia and I like them very much. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to other European countries so I can’t make a comparison, but still, it’s better here than in Dubai,’ Kodirov reveals with a smile.

He goes on to say that at first, he could not find his way around the city, but Belgraders always gave him a helping hand. “I often ask people here to help me and I must admit that they always do,” he underlines.

Shodruh says that he lives in Jajinci, that he likes the old parts of the city, and that from time to time, he also gets into unpleasant situations with customers.

“I currently live in Jajinci, but I like the old parts of the city in Belgrade more. I like the architecture, the buildings, the streets, everything is always full of people and music. These things I find appealing. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our work, we have the biggest problem with people who notice that we don’t speak your language. They often confuse us with migrants and they don’t like that we are foreigners. Of course, there are also people who react very well, who smile when they hear where I come from and are happy to hear about Uzbekistan.”

Shodruh adds he has one day off a week and when he is not working, he spends his time walking around Belgrade or reading books.

(Nova, 30.09.2021)

Photo credits: “Zoran Lončarević/”

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