The state will help young couples with 20,000 euros when buying real estate

The Minister for Family Policy and Demography, Ratko Dmitrović, said during a visit to Šabac that the new set of measures for demographic policy would be publicly announced by the end of January and that the state would, in addition to a significant increase in the parental allowance, grant subsidies to young couples of at least 20,000 euros when buying property.

According to the Ministry’s statement, Dmitrović added that the agreement was still being worked out on the set of measures and that Serbia’s president, Aleksandar Vučić, had presented three introductory measures earlier.

As for the housing incentive for young married couples, the state, according to the Minister, will most likely participate with 20,000 euros per family. “The measure will be aimed at women, i.e. a woman/wife will be the owner of property in order to prevent abuse,” Dmitrović said.

(Politika, 24.11.2021)

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