The state allows Pink TV to defer payment of its 1.52 billion dinar tax debt

In addition to being given the opportunity to pay about 1.52 billion dinars in tax debt in instalments, Pink TV has also been granted at least 1.28 billion dinars worth of export loans by the state.

In an unfair market match with other independent media outlets, this pro-government television station has had preferential treatment for years, sometimes regardless of regulations.

Pink TV has managed to postpone the payment of taxes for years, so the Tax Administration enabled debt rescheduling in a total of 93 instalments, over the period of four years, according to the information obtained by the Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS).

Pink Television owed 231.2 million dinars in tax in March 2012, when it signed an agreement with the Tax Administration to pay the outstanding tax in six instalments. A little more than a year later, in June 2013, a new agreement enabled Pink to pay 705.01 million dinars in 15 instalments.

By October 2014, Pink TV had to pay additional 197.5 million dinars in tax, the payment of which was stretched out to 12 instalments. The TV station was granted another postponement in March 2016 for the payment of 389.1 million dinars worth of tax debt, which it can settle over as many as 60 instalments.

Nobody knows what criteria did the Tax Administration used when it decided to postpone the payment of Pink TV’s tax debt, considering that the Administration has refused to submit to CINS’ journalists the contracts it had concluded with Pink TV.

Furthermore, Pink TV has been receiving money from the Serbian Export and Credit Insurance Agency (AOFI) for years, terms and conditions of which are also not know. The CINS research shows that the TV station and AOFI have agreed on AOFI granting export loans to Pink TV on several occasions, but AOFI has not provided information on what exactly Pink TV exports that is eligible for state aid.

However, the CINS did find loan and guarantee agreements from 2014, the year in which Pink had unpaid outstanding tax, although one of the conditions for a company being granted a state guarantee or a loan is that it has settled all its outstanding tax obligations.

(Nova, 14.05.2021)

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