The SSP, DS and NS parties will participate together in the next elections

Dragan Djilas from the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), Zoran Lutovac from the Democratic Party (DS) and Vuk Jeremic from People’s Party (NS) have reportedly agreed on joint participation in the elections, as well as on the distribution of quotas for the party list in the parliamentary elections.

A joint session of the leadership of these three parties will be held in the coming days, and it is expected that the decision on participation in the upcoming elections will be announced by the end of the week.

After almost two months of negotiations, the leaders of the SSP, DS and NS have decided to run together in the parliamentary, Belgrade and presidential elections, which will be held on 3 April next year. A source of says that Djilas, Lutovac and Jeremic have also agreed on the quotas for the party list with a different distribution of the first 50 seats and the other 50.

It would be agreed that the SSP and its partners will have 94 seats on the list for the parliamentary elections, while 73 seats each will be for the Democratic Party (DS) and the People’s Party (NS), with members of smaller movements on their quotas. Ten seats will belong to non-partisan personalities, who will be among the top 30.

Nova’s source also says that these three parties have agreed that candidates for the highest positions, from the mayor of Belgrade to the president of Serbia, will be decided by consensus.

The candidate for mayor of Belgrade for the opposition should be a non-partisan person.

According to some information, it has already been decided who will be running for the Belgrade Mayor. On the other hand, there is no concrete agreement on the candidate for the Serbian president, although the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Zdravko Ponos, had been mentioned.

(Nova, 24.11.2021)




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