The Srbija Stvara (Serbia Creates) platform becomes member of the b.creative global creative network

The Srbija Stvara (Serbia Creates) platform has officially joined the global network called b.creative, which brings together a community of creative people across Europe and the world who network, exchange ideas and knowledge, and participate in projects. The network brings together some 2,500 creative entrepreneurs, incubators, hubs and associations in 116 countries.

The b.creative network was created due to the strong demand of creative entrepreneurs for international networking and the growing awareness of policymakers to address culture, creative entrepreneurship and the knowledge-based economy as a lever for social and economic development.

This cross-sector community has approximately 2,500 creative entrepreneurs, incubators, hubs, networks and associations around the world, represents 22 cultural and creative segments in as many as 116 countries, and brings together entrepreneurs from all sectors of the arts, culture, creativity and digital.

“Networking, exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills are at the core of the creative industries sector and it is important when we are recognized by global players,” says Ana Ilic, Senior Advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister for creative industries who leads the team of the national platform Srbija Stvara.

Worldwide, the b.creative network has direct access to more than 350 creative spaces: 186 fablabs and live labs, 105 incubators and accelerators, more than 60 creative clusters, hubs and co-working spaces. b.creative was founded in Brussels in 2019 by KEA European Affairs, an international research centre for policy design, specializing in culture and creative industries.

(Kurir, 16.03.2021)



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