The Serbian Parliament to convene next week, social distancing measures in place

The Serbian parliament will hold its first session next week after the declaration of the state of emergency due to the coronavirus.

Parliamentarians are expected to discuss the measures implemented by the government during the pandemic, but there are no plans to abolish the state of emergency, reports Vecernje Novosti.

According to Novosti, MPs will have to be seated two seats apart in the large parliament hall, which has a total of 501 seats on the ground floor and in the gallery. About 150 deputies will probably attend the parliament session, all wearing masks, visors and gloves.

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A quorum of 126 MPs is required for the parliament to adopt a decision by a majority of votes. The plan is for the session to be as short as possible.

Even if all parliamentarians are present at the next week’s session, which is unlikely because parliament the opposition has been boycotting the sessions, there will be enough room for everyone.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has confirmed that the Parliament would resume work on Monday or Tuesday.

According to Article 105 of the Serbian Constitution, the decision on the abolition of the state of emergency is made by the parliament by a majority of votes of its members. When it comes to extraordinary measures, such as curfews and the like, the government submits their proposal to the parliament, which can then confirm or cancel them.

If, during the session, parliament members cannot decide on the measures implemented during the state of emergency, they shall cease to be valid 24 hours after the beginning of the Parliament’s session.

(, 22.04.2020)

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