The Sedam Veličanstvenih Documentary Film Festival starts in October

The festival dedicated to the European documentary feature film, called Sedam Veličanstvenih (The Magnificent Seven), will be held from 16 to 21 October in the Mts Hall in Belgrade (formerly Dom Sindikata). Pawel Lozinski’s film, The Balcony Movie, will officially open the festival.

As announced, the 18th European documentary film festival will showcase seven premieres from this and last year.

Festival director Zoran Popović announces the screening of the documentary film ‘Young Plato’ and the arrival of its director Neasa Ní Chianáin and producer David Reyne at the festival just before its American theatrical premiere in New York.

Speaking about Dutch director Uke Hogendejk’s film ‘The Treasures of Crimea’, Popović says that “it was made in the manner of great feature films in which events and turns change at an incredible speed. A film that follows the dramatic events surrounding the museum exhibits.”

Iliana Metev’s ‘A Provincial Hospital’ will also be screened at ‘Sedam Celičanstvenih’, after having won an award at the Karlovy Vary festival. Also arriving is Spaniard Pera Puigbert’s short film ‘The Wind that Moves Us’. The superior visual style in ‘Zoo Lockdown’ by Austrian photographer and film director Andreas Horvath will also be showcased.

The film ‘Matter Out of Place’ will close the festival. “This is a film by one of the forefathers of modern documentary filmmaking, Austrian film author Nikolaus Geirhalter,” Popović adds.

Finally, in memory of one of the world’s greatest film artists, Heddy Honigmann, one of the most important modern documentary films ‘Oblivion’, shot in the capital of Peru, will be shown as part of a special screening.

(TDI Radio, 11.09.2022)

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