The regime benefits from the internal struggles of the opposition

According to the interlocutors of, the conflicts within the opposition, which have become a daily event in the previous days, allow a more comfortable life for the government and show that there is not enough agreement in the opposition on key issues.

The divisions over who is the real opposition to Vucic and who is not and who is for and against the election boycott, are just some of the reasons why opponents of the regime are in conflict and thus have been dispersing their forces.

According to sociologist Ratko Božović, this shows that some members of the opposition wanted to be like Aleksandar Vučić.

“Vučić squashed the opposition like a cockroach and the opposition itself seems to be made up of people who are in a sense disabled. It is a real miracle that they are alive, because they have been constantly blamed and trampled on, and now we see the results,” says Božović.

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On the other hand, political analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic believes that it is logical that there is a conflict within the opposition, because in contrast to the boycott campaign, the participants in the electoral race, who are not in power, are fighting for the highest possible turnout.

“Parties that have decided against participating in the election are fighting to dispute the legitimacy of the election process. This conflict is logical. Their quarrels, in the context of the boycott supported by a certain party, are normal,” he points out.

Andjelkovic adds that in these circumstances, where the opposition is divided into two sections, it is the regime that benefits most.

“The government has a sufficient number of parties to participate in the upcoming elections and can claim that they the elections are legitimate. Because of the part of the opposition that will not go to the polls, these parties will get a better result than they would have achieved anyway. It is difficult to say what will happen in the future, but knowing the Serbian political culture, these conflicts will continue even after the elections,” says Andjelkovic.

(Nova, 04.06.2020)



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