The ranking of cities by cost of living: Belgrade 181st out of 209 capitals

The Serbian capital, Belgrade, ranked 181st out of 209 most expensive cities in the world in 2019. Hong Kong ranks first, for the second year running, while Tunis is the cheapest. These are the results of a survey conducted by the consulting firm Mercer from New York.

The city with the highest cost of living nearby is Athens, which ranked 128th, followed by Ljubljana at 142nd and Zagreb at 143rd place. Budapest is 164th and Tirana 166th. Sofia is 177th, just behind Bucharest. In the region, the cheapest cities, apart from Belgrade, are Sarajevo at 194th and Skopje at 201st place.

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Only one European city is in the top ten – Zurich, which ranked fifth. Bern and Geneva are twelfth and thirteenth on the list. Of the cities in Eastern and Central Europe, Moscow is ranked 27th, followed by St. Petersburg, which is 75th. Prague is 97th and Warsaw 173rd. In Western Europe, life costs more in Paris, Vienna, Rome, Berlin and Madrid.

Mercer’s annual survey is based on cost analysis based of 200 parameters in each city, including accommodation, transportation, clothing, food and entertainment, and on comparing the prices of products in daily use such as a one-litre bottle of water, a cup of coffee, a litre of milk, a litre of petrol, a pair of jeans, a movie ticket…

(Vecernje Novosti, 18.10.2019)


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