The proof of the dramatic increase in prices over two years

Judging from two receipts issued by the same shop, mainly for food and some household cleaners bought in November and December 2020 respectively, the vast majority of prices in stores have visibly increased, with the prices of some products even by more than 50 percent.

A Belgrade woman showed two receipts – one for 3,102.87 dinars, for items bought in November 2020, and one from less than two years later, for the same items, totalling 4,598.87 dinars.

If we compare the first receipt with the second (from 2022), the first thing that stands out is the drastic increase in the price of meat. Namely, 299.99 dinars per 500 grams of ground turkey in 2020, while only two years later as much as 559.99 dinars. Another price increase that stands out is that of canned tuna: four packs cost 699.99 dinars in 2020 and 1,149.00 dinars in 2022.

In two years, household cleaners have also become substantially more expensive: dishwashing detergent went up from 159.00 to 199.99 dinars, while the price of toilet paper jumped from 319.00 to 545.99 dinars.

Some items, on the other hand, have become cheaper, even though they are basic foods: the price of non-dairy sour cream has dropped from 224.99 dinars to 164 dinars and canned chickpeas from 87.99 to 79.00. Also, a litre and a half of mineral water with zinc and magnesium two years ago cost the same as a litre of water from the same manufacturer now with zinc and selenium.

(Danas, 28.06.2022)


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