The projection for IT salaries in the coming period

Almost 53 percent of IT companies in Serbia plan to increase salaries by up to 10 percent.

At the same time, 28 percent of them say that there will be an increase of more than 10 percent. These are the results of the survey, which examined the opinions of employees and companies of different sizes and business areas.

The research conducted by companies Osiguranik, Infostud, HelloWorld, Tim Centar and Resilient shows that, in the period from June to July 2023, as many as 89 percent of software developers had the option of working from home, and of that number, 45 percent choose to work from home without any restrictions, 10 percent of them work exclusively from home, while 34 percent have that option to some extent.

Another important benefit is voluntary health insurance, which is provided for 71 percent of employees, Hello World said. The next benefit is flexible working hours with 66 percent of employees having that option at their disposal. Last year, 72 percent of developers had that option.

The research collected opinions of key decision-makers from as many as 120 IT companies, including HR managers, senior managers and owners, along with responses from 232 employees from over 170 IT companies in our country.

(B92, 30.10.2023)

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