The profile of an average consumer in Serbia

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An average consumer in Serbia buys goods that are on sale whenever possible, and does not believe that the weight stated on the packaging is true. Apart from buying Serbian products, they mostly prefer the ones made in Germany.

This is a result of a comprehensive survey conducted on a sample of 1,050 people, which is a representative sample of the online population in Serbia, by the Smart Plus Research Agency and commissioned by the Blic daily.

Most of those surveyed regularly check on sales, and prefer buying goods that carry the designation “Buy Local”. 

Almost a half of the surveyed people believe that producers are cheating on the product weight, but only every tenth consumer actually checks that, mostly when they are buying fruit, bulk goods or meat. As far as checking the expiration date on the products goes, 43.24% of them say that they always check the expiration date, 48.55% do this occasionally, while 8.21% never check the expiration date.

In regard to the preferred method of payment, 16.7% of Serbian consumers always use their payment cards, 58.5% of them sometimes use this payment method, while 24.8% never use it.

Almost 80% of consumers had their product complaint accepted at certain time. Only every 50th consumer doesn’t take the receipt for the purchase, while every 8th keeps the receipts in order to participate in a government-run prize game.

Over 50% of consumers are concerned with the country of origin. To that end, Serbian consumers prefer the products made in Germany followed those labeled “Made in the EU”. When it comes to avoiding products made in certain foreign countries, Serbian consumers say that they mainly avoid buying products from Croatia, China and Albania.

Serbian consumers are not thought of having good manners, with every fifth consumer admitting to touching bread with their bare fingers, or leaving their shopping basket in a queue in order to reserve a spot.

(Blic, 13.03.2017)

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