The price of an acre of land along Corridor 11 increases four times

The newly built 17.6 kilometre stretch of motorway from Surčin to Obrenovac has increased the value of the surrounding land by more than four times, from the initial price of between 600 and 800 euro to 3,000 euro per acre.

Once the remaining 7.9 kilometres to the Surčin junction are completed, another 80 hectares of exclusive land in the business zone will be available to investors.

According to Stevan Šuša, mayor of the municipality of Surčin, the land, stretching along the newly built motorway, has become much more attractive to investors after the construction of the section and its commissioning.

Potential investors have already inquired about the land here. A potential investor from France recently inspected the area via satellite and was interested in seeing the land for himself. With the completion of the last stage of Corridor 11, in the direction of Belgrade, the prices of the land here will reach its peak.

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Šuša also says that the city of Belgrade and the municipality of Surčin do not own any land in this area, so, in order to bring the investors here, good cooperation with the landowners should be established first.

There were problems with them during the expropriation of the land because many of have unrealistic expectations price-wise. The mayor also points out that recently the municipality of Surčin has lost the opportunity to bring a large investor here.

There was also the case of a piece of land having three different owners; two of whom accepted the offered price, while the third one wanted much more money. As a result, the investor bought land elsewhere, in Šimanovci.

Up to 780 hectares of land in the business zone is available on the territory of the municipality of Surčin. Dobanovci has almost reached its full capacity in terms of new factories. There is still room for new production facilities in the municipality of Surčin with the land around the newly built motorway section leading to Obrenovac, available for purchase.

If the upward trend in prices continues, Surčin will be soon known as having the most expansive land in Serbia.

(Blic, 09.01.2020)

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