The Practical Skills Day on October 5 in Belgrade’s Cvetni Trg

With the support of the municipality of Vračar and the city of Belgrade, the Božidarac Education and Culture Centre organizes the first Practical Skills Day on Saturday, October 5th, in Belgrade’s Cvetni Trg, from 16:00 to 21:00.

Over one hundred different skills will be presented at the event. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in seminars and presentations of makeup application, manicure, cosmetics, dog grooming, sewing, little school of health, photography, programming and even tasting of small sweets, which will be prepared in Cvetni Trg. There will also be a short quiz for visitors, based on a personality test, to see what practical skills are best suitable to them.

The visitors will also be able to learn how to make a quick hairstyle for going out, work and school, learn about maderotherapy and its effects, see how a back massage is performed, and how you can programme with only the basic computer skills. Participants in the dog grooming course will learn from the instructor the techniques for brushing and fixing the dog hair, applying a polish spray to the hair and generally how to groom a dog. At the sewing workshop, visitors will see garments and other pieces that can be sewn in under 20 minutes.

For more information about the programme, please click here.

(Blic, 02.10.2010)

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