The parable of Ana Brnabic

Ana Brnabic was a precedent for Serbia. The first female Premier in recent Serbian history, a non-partisan personality and a declared gay person who caused an earthquake in conservative circles.

Educated abroad and technocratically oriented, Ana Brnabic at first acted as if she was not interested in party politics: with investments, employment cuts, the start of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, she quickly gained the trust of the IT sector and the startup community.

After two and a half years of heading the Serbian government, she is a different person. There is less and less technocracy in her speech and more and more party politics.

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In television broadcasts, she appears as a party soldier without personal opinions, and when recently compared to the most controversial character on the Serbian political scene, the right-wing Vojislav Seselj, she admitted that she was “surprised to agree with him more and more”.

How has Ana Brnabic changed?

Before going into politics, Brnabic worked in the non-governmental sector as an expert and marketing director and studied business administration. In 2016, she was considered for the position of Minister of State Administration and Local Administration.

In recent years, she has taken on an increasingly aggressive role, criticising the opposition, which in her opinion is guilty of both the lack of media freedom and the situation in Kosovo. She is often ridiculed in public for unnecessary appearances that end up ridiculed on social networks. Many of her interviews are a source of political gaffes.

Everyone remembers the interview she gave to the Bloomberg Agency in which she stated that if she was forced to choose between the EU membership or closer ties with Russia, Serbia would choose the first thing, which caused a diplomatic incident. She then had to give the transcripts of that interview to the former Russian Ambassador to Serbia, Alexander Chepurin to assure him that the statement had been misinterpreted. So humiliating!

It was even worse when she called some leaders in Pristina “people from the woods”, alluding to politicians who were members of the KLA. In retaliation, the Albanians across the world started a “woods challenge” that mocked both Ana Brnabic and the whole of Serbia. Again, the damage control came too late.

Instead of perpetuating the famous Serbian saying “Silence is golden”, Ana Brnabic proves every time that she has too much free time, which she spends mainly on Twitter arguing with political opponents.

Doesn’t she have better things to do?

(Blic, 13.01.2020)




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