The pandemic situation in Serbia to date

A total of 2,200 people in Serbia have been infected with the coronavirus up until 6 April.

In the last 24 hours, 292 positive cases were reported. A further seven people have died in the last 24 hours, making it a total of 58.

1,197 people are hospitalized, while 101 patients are on a respirator.

Dr. Darija Kisić Tepavčević pointed out that despite the highest number of people tested so far – 1,192 –  and based on the percentage of positive samples, the infection level is similar compared to the previous two weeks.

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She added that 178 patients have been discharged from the hospital, although not all of them have gone home because they are waiting for a second negative test result.

Dr. Predrag Kon said announced that a number of persons working at the cardiovascular disease clinic Dedinje were tested positive.

“Patients developed fever after surgery, after which the first people that were in contact with patients tested and were positive. Subsequently, 257 people were tested, with 67 health workers and 9 patients tested positive. All patients have a mild form of the coronavirus and 61 asymptomatic patients show no signs of the disease; this is a new situation to evaluate and further measures must be implemented”, explained the epidemiologist.

Dr Kon added that the only possible option was that the virus passed by an asymptomatic patient and said:” This was the most logical thing, because the disease manifested itself after surgery, with a high fever. The fever usually occurs after surgery, so at first, it was thought to have something to do with the surgery, but since the patient’s fever did not go down, swabs were taken from the patients even though they had no symptoms, as well as from all health workers they were in contact with during the last few days”.

The entry of the virus into healthcare facilities was, unfortunately, a preventable thing, and “it is now one of the things that must be stopped as soon as possible”. Dr. Kon also pointed out that all health workers positive for COVID-19 have been removed from work.

(Mondo, 06.04.2020)


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