The Open Balkans countries to launch e-toll system soon

The launch of the joint electronic toll collection system in the countries that make the Open Balkans initiative is planned in late September.

“The electronic toll collection system on the motorways in the Open Balkans member countries is currently being tested,” the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure announced.

“Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania will start using the electronic toll collection device (TAG) in late September Any user in one of these countries will be able to pay the toll with a single TAG, without stopping or buying additional devices or cards when in the other countries,” said Transport Minister Tomislav Momirović.

As previously announced, the new system was supposed to be launched August, but is slightly delayed. All drivers need to do is to go to a petrol station and buy the TAG device that can be used in all the Open Balkans member countries.

“At the same time, it is important that they register their card for payment through the Putevi Srbije service which will also give them a 5 per cent discount in Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia,” the Putevi Srbije Company said in June.

(Biznis i Finansije, 08.09.2022)

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