The Novi Sad Waterfront project unites opposition and NGOs in protest

The potential developer of the Novi Sad na Vodi (Novi Sad Waterfront) project, the Galens Company, has succeeded in what no one else has done before, which is to unite the opposition in Novi Sad.

A collection of signatures officially began yesterday in the city centre to stop the construction of this project considered megalomaniac and detrimental, which has united non-governmental organizations and the major opposition parties in the struggle.

“We are united by a common goal, to stop the construction which is detrimental for the people of Novi Sad; the narrowing of the Danube’s watercourse for the sake of corrupt planners, corrupt politicians and real estate developers is inadmissible, ”said Olivera Radovanović, president of the Vojvodina Green Network.

The Vice-President of the People’s Party, Bora Novaković, who gave information on the city government’s idea of ​​building a multi-storey complex on the only green belt on the Danube by going into the riverbed 500 metres deep, said this is the beginning of a “resistance movement”.

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“This is the beginning of dissatisfaction and civil disobedience towards the city authorities’ intention to implement the Novi Sad na Vodi project. The Danube’s bank belongs to the citizens, not to the construction mafia. Such a project cannot be foreseen without public procurement and a public debate, ”Novakovic said, arguing that the project is “deeply corrupt.

Dejan Bagarić from the People’s Party said, in turn, that he will fight against this project because “the citizens’ best interest comes first, and in this case, the citizens of Novi Sad would pay for the construction of the new shore with their own money. This project would cost 3 billion euro and it would be the Novi Sad citizens that would pay for it, ”said Bagarić.

According to the protest/petition organizers, the stands for the collection of signatures are set up in different points of the city and the signatures will also be collected online.

(, 19.10.2020)

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