The normalization of cross-border movements begins

The Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matić, welcomed the decision of the Greek Government to allow the entry into Greece of representatives and owners of the Serbian travel agencies, in order to resolve the issue of existing holiday arrangements.

The Minister recalled that the Ministry has launched an initiative to obtain the permission to enter and, in meeting with the Greek Ambassador to Serbia, presented the list of travel agencies that should be allowed to enter Greece for business purposes.

“With this decision, the Greek government has shown understanding for the tourism sector of both countries, which need to recover from the consequences of the pandemic crisis and solve the problems caused by the pandemic, as well as allow the continuation of successful cooperation in this sector in the coming period,” said Matic.

She added that the decision validates the traditional friendship and good political relations between the two countries, but also shows solidarity needed both regionally and globally for a rapid return to normalization of cross-border movements and economic cooperation.

Matic also said that she heard about Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ proposal to European Commission President Ursula von den Leyen on the urgent establishment of a coronavirus vaccination certificate, which would ensure the free movement of citizens between EU and non-EU countries.

On that occasion, the Minister said that protocols aimed at safe and free cross-border operation would soon be defined at the EU Council meeting on January 21, which would enable the unhindered development of tourism and other forms of economic exchange between Serbia and other European countries.

(Novi Magazin, 13.01.2021)


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