The New Year with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra

For the second consecutive time, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will have two New Year’s concerts at Kolarac, on 28th and 29th December, at 8pm.

The final concerts of 2017, led conducted by the immensely popular Alan Bjelinski, will be all about the superheroes from Hollywood films and the accompanying soundtrack. Following two performances in Belgrade, the orchestra will also entertain the audience in Novi Sad with the same programme at the Serbian National Theatre, on 30the December.

The Belgrade Philharmonic and Bjelinski will perform their own renditions of musical introductions to popular heroes from Hollywood films, such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman and many others. Well-known among audiences who regularly attend the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year concerts, the versatile Croatian conductor has also conducted the unforgettable Happy Sixties and Seventies and the Disco Philharmonic concerts in the past years.

The tickets for the concerts at Kolarac are sold at the Belgrade Philharmonic Ticket Office, as well as online, and they are priced at RSD 600, 800 and 1,000.

(Belgrade Tourist Board, 18.12.2017)



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