The new Labour Law by the end of 2021

Zoran Djordjevic, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Affairs, says that the new Labour Law is expected to be adopted by the end of 2021. The formation of working groups and parliamentary debate about the new law are scheduled for next year.

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce has recently proposed changes to the law regulating sick leave, but Minister Zoran Djordjevic points out that this area is well regulated by the current law:

“When it comes to this specific objection, suggestion, or proposal, I am more on the side of trade unions and workers, because I think the Labour Law precisely defines how sick leave is supposed to be used,” the Minister said.

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He also said that the Labour Law will stipulate in detail creation of the so-called welfare cards.

“The process of creating welfare cards is very complex. If not, we would not have waited 30 years to introduce them. I think this is the best way to achieve a fairer and more transparent allocation of welfare funds,” he adds.

According to Minister Zoran Djordjevic, the Ministry is also working on improving the work done by the social welfare centres in order to reach the standard that welfare centres in Europe operate by.

Minister Djordjevic also says that the Ministry will continue to actively participate in the fight against all kinds of violence.

“We are currently working on a strategy for the prevention of violence against women and I think it will be completed by the year-end. The Prime Minister is also involved and we have had a couple of meetings on the subject. She wants the strategy to be effective,” the Labour Minister noted.

The Minister also said that the new Law on Insurance against Work-Related Accidents, which is being prepared, requires all employers to insure their workers.

If the employer has not done everything in accordance with the law to protect the worker, then the insurance company, in addition to the state, will sue the employer, and the worker himself could sue for not having received adequate protection and safety at work.

It is also expected that sick leave for up to 30 days will no longer be paid for by the employer, but by the insurance company, so in case of abuse, the insurance will sue the worker, Minister Djordjevic added.

(B92, 01.12.2019)

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