The new bus station ready by the end of the year?

The works on the new central bus station have resumed, said the Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić.

He added that the bus station will be completely relocated to Novi Beograd by the end of the year. A group of companies, consisting of RAS Inženjering Niskogradnja, JKP Beograd Put, DC Energocoop, Resa Gradnja and Demetra RB have been selected to complete the works on the new bus station and building the required infrastructure.

The value of the works is 322.78 million dinars and contractors have 270 days to complete the work.

In November 2019, shareholders of the BAS (Belgrade Bus Station) Company approved of the company taking out a 12-million-euro loan from Komercijalna Banka to build the access roads.

The construction of access roads includes reconstruction and construction of roads and accompanying infrastructure in three streets – Marka Hristića, Jurija Gagarina and Antifašističke Borbe.

According to Vesić, Jurija Gagarina Street will be rebuilt from the exit ramp of the Ada bridge to the Novi Beograd blocks, and will be about 600 metres long. It will have four traffic lanes, three of which will be used for traffic in the direction of the blocks, while the right lane will be used for public transport and vehicles turning right to Antifašističke Borbe and Marka Hristića streets.

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The road in the Antifašističke Borbe Street will be rebuilt on the part from the intersection with the Jurija Gagarina Street to the entrance to the new bus station, which is a 160-metre-stretch.

The agreement on the joint construction of the bus station in Block 42 in Novi Beograd had been concluded between the City of Belgrade and BAS a.d., whereby the city of Belgrade provides the location and BAS a.d. is the developer that will fully finance the project design and the drafting of the required technical documentation, as well as finance the construction of the new integrated bus station complex.

(Kamatica, 24.05.2020)

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