The “most radical” nun in Europe, Teresa Forcades coming to Belgrade on 10th April

On 10th April, the Philosophical Theatre will play host to the icon of the European left and the most radical nun in Europe, Teresa Forcades who is going to give a lecture at the Rasa Plaovic Stage at Belgrade’s National Theatre.

Sister Teresa is a Catalan nun from the Benedictine order. She got her Masters degree in Theology from Harvard University, and a PhD in public health from the University of Barcelona. She is known as a staunch opponent of capitalism and the patriarchal doctrine of the Catholic Church. Furthermore, she opposes government takeover of all banks and measures to curb financial speculation, as well as supports an end to job cuts, fairer wages and pensions, shorter working hours and payments to parents who stay at home, genuine “participatory democracy”, an individual’s right to control their own body, including a woman’s right to decide over abortion, green economic policies and the nationalisation of energy companies, and an end to xenophobia and repeal of immigration laws.

Sister Teresa published several studies on theology and feminism, including the book called “Feminist Theology through History”. Because of her activism, the critical stance towards the Catholic Church which she calls ‘misogynistic and patriarchal’, and defending woman’s right to have an abortion, Sister Teresa has been severely criticized by the Vatican. She is also one of the fiercest critics of pharmaceutical industry and the author of the book “The Crimes of Big Pharmaceutical Companies”.

“By opposing the most powerful authority figures of today, she has been called the most controversial nun in the world, while many consider her to be one of the most influential intellectuals of the European and global left”, the National Theatre’s press release reads.

The event stars at 8:30pm, and the tickets can be bought at the National Theatre at the price of 200 dinars.

(Blic, 29.03.2017)

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