The most powerful passports in the world; Serbia ahead of the USA

The top 10 most valuable/powerful passports in the world of 2020 belong mainly to the citizens of European countries.

And although Serbian passport being far from the most desirable passport in the world, it is still ahead of the United States’ and Russia’s.

The Passport Index has released new information about the most valuable passports in the world, ranking 193 members of the United Nations based on the number of countries that can be freely entered without a visa, or a visa can be obtained immediately upon arrival.

Last year’s top-ranked country, Japan, dropped to second place and the prestigious title of the most valuable passport in the world was awarded this year to New Zealand. Those with a New Zealand passport can enter up to 129 countries without having a visa, although international travel is not recommended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The second place is shared by eight countries: Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, South Korea, Japan and Australia. The nationals of these countries can go to 128 countries without a visa. In third place, we find Sweden, Belgium, France, Finland, Italy and Spain (127 countries).

Most European countries have been ranked in the top 10, including Croatia, which shares eighth place with Cyprus and Monaco.

The coronavirus has significantly influenced the opening of countries to travellers from other countries and the Passport Index has updated the ranking with the aim of demonstrating how the pandemic has really revolutionized travel today.

The United States, for example, dropped to 21st place this year (US nationals can enter up to 92 countries without a visa), while the Serbian passport ranks 14th, seven places ahead of the US. That is to say, Serbian nationals can enter 102 countries without a visa. Serbia has also ranked ahead of North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania, but also the Russian Federation.

Afghanistan and Iraq are ranked the worst with Afghani and Iraqi nationals being able to travel to only 31 countries without a visa.

Here are the 10 most powerful passports in the world according to the Passport Index:

1. New Zealand – 129 visa-free countries

2. Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, South Korea, Japan, Australia – 128 visa-free countries

3. Sweden, Belgium, France, Finland, Italy, Spain – 127 visa-free countries

4. United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Lithuania, Norway, Iceland, Canada – 126 visa-free countries

5. Malta, Slovenia, Latvia – 125 visa-free countries

6. The Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Liechtenstein – 124 visa-free countries

7. Slovakia – 123 visa-free countries

8. Croatia, Cyprus, Monaco – 121 visa-free countries

9. Romania, Bulgaria – 120 visa-free countries

10. San Marino, Andorra, Uruguay – 115 visa-free countries

(Nova, 06.10.2020)

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