The most controversial film of the year ‘Matilda’ in Serbia soon

The most awaited Russian film this year, ‘Matilda’ will have its Serbian premiere on 2nd November, at 8 pm, at Sava Centre. The controversial film, directed by Alexei Uchitel, will be screened during Cinemafest which will be officially opened by the film’s leading actress, Michalina Olszanska.

The film tells the story of the romantic relationship between the heir to the Russian throne, Nikolai Romanov, and the ballerina of the Imperial Theatre, Matilda Kshesinskaya, from the time the 22-year-old crown prince and 18-year-old dancer in 1890 and until the coronation of Nikolai and his wife Alexandra Feodorovna in 1896.

Ever since ‘Dr Zhivago’, there has been no Russian film that has caused such a stir in the world. In 2016, when the official trailer of the film which contained in particular erotic love scenes was released, representatives of the public movement “King’s Cross” found in the upcoming film a “distortion of historical events”, and an “anti-Russian and anti-religious provocation in the field of culture”. One cinema chain pulled out of showing the film after a group of self-described Orthodox militants threatened the film’s director and cinemas preparing to screen it. Also, the Russian state prosecution requested the movie’s script for inspection at the request of the Russian MP, Natalia Poklonskaya.

Despite the controversy, the Russian Culture Ministry did approve the film for release, while 50 of the greatest Russian film directors also showed their support for ‘Matilda’.

The tickets for the Serbian premiere of ‘Matilda’ are available at Sava Centre’s box office and Eventim retail outlets.

(RTV, 30.10.2017)


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