The Molière Days from 9-27 May

Through literary meetings in May with several renowned French writers, which will take place during the Molière Days, an event organized by the French Institute in Serbia in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad, fans of literary adventures will learn about the climate and people of Corsica, the Danube, Spain, the times of exile, and the confrontation between science and mysticism, good and evil.

The event will begin on May 9, 2022, will continue throughout the month and feature writers such as Emmanuel Ruben, Jerome Ferrari, Franck Bouysse, Pierre Assouline and Nathalie Cohen.

The author of the travelogue “Sur la route du Danube” (Akademska knjiga, 2022), Emmanuel Ruben, will recount the adventures he experienced during his bicycle journey along the banks of the Danube, from the Black Sea to its source in the Black Forest in Germany. Book fans in Novi Sad and visitors of the European Capital of Culture 2022 will have the opportunity to meet this writer for the first time on May 9, when at 17:00, he will sign books at the stand of the French Institute on Trg Republike, as part of Europe Day, and then on May 10 and 11, during literary evenings at the Svilara cultural station and at Bulevar Books store.

Melita Logo Milutinović, Bora Babić, Vladimir Gvozden and Pavle Sekeruš will talk about impressions, landscapes and people he met cycling from Ukraine, through Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, to Germany.

Corsica is given a special place during the Molière Days, as a delegation from this island will be visiting Serbia.

Following the invitation of the director of the French Institute in Serbia, representatives of Bastia, the city that has applied for the title of European Capital of Culture 2028, will officially visit Novi Sad on May 9, and then attend the presentation of the book “Serbs in Corsica” by Zoran Radovanović, who will be joined by historian Radomir J. Popović and Dragan Inđić, editor-in-chief of the RTS publishing house, on May 10, at 5 pm, in the RTS Club in Svetogorska Street in Belgrade.

The book talks about the Serbs who were welcomed by many Corsican families during the Great War, as well as about the strength and importance of the Franco-Serbian ties that were established during that period.

Corsican writer and philosopher Jerome Ferrari, who has delighted with his book “Le Sermon sur la chute de Rome”, for which he received the prestigious Goncourt Prize, returns to Serbia, this time to present the novels “Le Principe” and “A son image”, published by Čarobna Knjiga and translated by Melita Logo Milutinović, who will also participate in the promotion.

The conversation with the writer will be conducted by journalist and critic Teofil Pančič, first in Belgrade, on May 10, at the RTS Club, at 6 pm, and then in Novi Sad, on May 11, at 6 pm, at the Bulevar Books bookstore. “The Prince” is a novel about a German physicist, Nobel laureate Werner Heisenberg, his “uncertainty principle” and the tragedy of the world conflict.

The novel focuses on a passionate Corsican photographer, who through photoshoots from Corsica, and especially from battlefields and painful places, including the former Yugoslavia, analyzed the power and powerlessness of photography.

You can find the complete program here .

(City Magazin, 09.05.2022)

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