The Miodrag Kostić Endowment to open the Science Palace

In cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade, the Miodrag Kostić Endowment will donate the first Centre for Research and Popularization of Science in Serbia.

Following in the footsteps of the most renowned global centres of this kind, the Science Palace will span over 5,500 square metres and its development will cost over 25 million euros which is provided by the Miodrag Kostić Endowment.

The Science Palace will be located in a monumental architectural landmark in the centre of Belgrade – a building dating back to 1924 at the intersection of Kralja Milana and Kneza Miloša streets.

The Science Palace will have 19 research centres managed by professors of the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Research in various scientific fields will be conducted in modern laboratories spanning 1,500 square metres. In addition to the research centres, one segment will be dedicated to stimulating curiosity in children and young people who will be able to learn about scientific discoveries and their applications in everyday life. The Science Palace will also host many interactive and educational exhibits as part of permanent and guest exhibitions, providing all visitors with unique scientific experiences and exciting demonstrations.

The cooperation between the Miodrag Kostić Endowment and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was made official in late October in the presence of the Minister of Science, Technological Development and Innovation in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Dr. Jelena Begović, as well as representatives of the scientific research and academic community of our country. 

(Blic, 30.10.2023)

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