The meteorological end of summer is coming

Although the end of summer has arrived calendar-wise, the weather is still quite warm.

The temperature is expected to rise again from mid-week and similar temperatures are also expected in October. However, October will be a real roller coaster when it comes to weather.

According to meteorologist Djordje Djuric, warm temperatures will continue this week and they will be above average for this time of year, although showers are possible.

“The good weather will continue and temperatures will fluctuate between 26 and 30 degrees in Serbia, and in Belgrade, up to 28 degrees. In the afternoon, showers are possible in southwestern Serbia,” he says.

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The temperatures will rise during the week, but thunderstorms will also be possible. However, the coming weekend will mark a real beginning of autumn.

“Sunny and even warmer weather is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday. The average temperature will be 31 degrees. In the afternoon and evening, there could be light showers. Thursday and Friday represent the turning point between autumn and summer. It will still be hot, but overcast weather with stronger showers is expected,” Djuric adds.

With the arrival of autumn, the košava wind will return, probably as early as the weekend.

“Košava is expected in the usual areas and occasionally, a strong wind is possible in the south of Banat. However, it will be a warm wind, ”says Djurić.

For the weekend, Djurić predicts a significant drop in temperature, with morning temperatures ranging from 5 to 8 degrees Celsius.

“The average daily temperatures will range from 22 to 24 degrees, usual for this period”, explains the meteorologist, announcing that there will be a further cooling in the last week of September, when temperatures will be around 15 degrees.

In that period, more abundant rainfall also awaits us. However, the beginning of next month will bring with it another wave of warmer and clearer weather.

(Blic, 21.09.2020)

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