The meeting between Novak and President Vučić raises eyebrows

A promotional video of the Serbian Progressive Party starring Novak Djokovic has been circulating on YouTube these days.

Fans of the best tennis player in the world are commenting with disappointment on his decision to participate in this way in the electoral campaign of the SNS party, considering that for years he has been declaring himself “apolitical”.

Neither Novak’s legal team nor Novak himself reacted to the release of the video. Djokovic met with Aleksandar Vucic last week. The tennis player thanked the President for everything the state tried to do for him during his contentious stay in Australia.

Political scientist Cvijetin Milivojevic points out that there is nothing objectionable in the meeting of the best tennis player in the world with the President of the state of which he is a citizen and has a diplomatic passport. For the expert, the video is controversial, but not from the point of view of those who appear in it, but because, as he says, it is a clear example of violation of the Constitution, in which the President of Serbia abuses his function by marketing to people he governs.

Milivojevic accuses the Constitutional Court, which has been allowing Vucic to violate the Constitution for the past five years, but also the opposition “which is silent about this fact, instead of saying that Vucic’s resignation as the head of the SNS is the prerequisite for going to the polls”.

(Danas, 07.02.2022)


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