The mastermind behind the Banjska attack, Milan Radoicic, arrested

Criminal Police Directorate officers have searched Milan Radoicic’s apartment and other properties and he has been placed in 48-hour detention.

Radoicic was taken to the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade along with a criminal complaint.

Several days ago Milan Radoicic responded to the summons of the Serbian state bodies. It was said at the time that the case would be handed over to the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In a written statement read out by his lawyer, Milan Radoicic accepted responsibility for the events in Banjska, denying any involvement of the Serbian authorities.

The clash in Banjska threatened to ignite a wider eruption of violence, after thousands of Serbian troops were deployed to the Kosovo border. According to the US State Department, some troops have been withdrawn in the meantime.

“We will be looking for further confirmation. But if true, that would be a welcome step,” spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters on October 2 after Serbian Army chief of staff General Milan Mojsilovic told reporters in Belgrade that the number of troops along the border had been cut from 8,350 to 4,500.

Miller said the United States had not verified the withdrawal and that Washington continues to be “concerned about the cycle of rising tensions and sporadic violence in northern Kosovo.”

Official Belgrade has denied any links to the 30-strong paramilitary unit, but pictures had surfaced in the Kosovo press showing Milan Radoicic, the deputy leader of the main Kosovo Serb party, walking around freely in Serbia despite admitting to taking part in an ambush on Kosovo police on 24 September.

(B92, Insajder, 04.10.2023)

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