The majority of people in Serbia would like to use energy from renewable sources

Almost 2/3 of Serbian citizens want to produce electricity from renewable energy sources themselves, while 45% of them are interested in receiving state subsidies for this – a survey conducted by the Centre for Environmental Improvement on the situation, needs and attitudes of Serbian citizens in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, has shown.

Moreover, more than 1/3 of the survey respondents are not aware of state subsidies for the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources in households. Renewable energy sources for heating, water heating or cooling are used by only 3.8% of the households, and it is mainly solar energy, while geothermal energy is used by less than 1% of the respondents.

Serbian citizens most often use their own central heating for heating, 32.5% of them, then district heating through power plants (31.7%) and electric radiators (15.7%). Solid fuel stoves are still a very present type of heating (almost 24%) and are almost used 5 times more in the countryside than in urban areas, according to the research.

Excluding people who use district heating via thermal power plants, the most used energy sources for domestic heating are electricity (41.5%) and wood (29.3%), followed by gas (12.9%), woody biomass (12.3%) and coal (3.4%), while only 0.6% of households use energy from renewable sources for heating.

More than 50% of the survey respondents who live in a house cite lack of money as a reason why they do not use certain energy efficiency measures.

(Politika, 26.10.2021)

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